Willow Weaving and Woodwork Lessons Begin: 2009-2012

As the Project was increasingly recognised for its achievements it became clear that the students were ready for further practical learning opportunities. Willow weaving was introduced and the students enthusiastically embraced the making of willow hurdles and plant supports. This showed that the students’ general working skills were progressing, including their ability to listen, persevere and complete jobs. This enabled the introduction of woodworking opportunities, using tools, and for which the students soon showed their aptitude. A woodwork teacher and furniture designer, Peter Beckley who specialised in “person-centred learning” was employed part time in 2011.

Geoff Otter died in 2010 , aged 82. Lydia took on the full running of the farm with Richard Hurford who retired as a Probation Service Officer and became the full time Farm Manager; also working to bring together the farm jobs appropriately with the students.

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