The future

Pennyhooks is well placed to offer its services to compliment the new NHS England Led, “Transforming Care Programme”. This is intended to transform care for people with autism and learning difficulties. It will provide more choice for people and their families and more say in their care, “to enable people with autism to have good, meaningful and ordinary lives”.
A review of the care arrangements for our students as they and their parents grow older has also led us to plan for the development of a small on-site residential centre, offering supported accommodation and the much needed opportunity “to live and work”. We see the future as building on and continuing the development of work related skills and opportunities for our clients. We hope this will lead to them taking up niche roles within the farm community according to their strengths, skills and preferences. We hope our making and selling of our products will grow, in our own shop and at other outlets. We will be seeking more funding support to enable this so that the next generation of staff can take their place in the continued success of pennyhooks. Most of all, we dedicate the future to the wellbeing of our students.