Pennyhooks Farm Trust

Charity and Company registration numbers

The trust was first registered in 2011 with the Charity Commission, then expanded and reformed in 2016 as Pennyhooks Farm Trust (1166812). It is also a company limited by guarantee (registered company number 9931286).


The four trustees are: The Reverend Doctor Gordon Gatward (OBE, BD, PHD, FRAgS, FIAgrM, retired Director Arthur Rank Centre and founder of Care Farming UK and Trustee of the Henry Plumb Foundation); Mrs Emma Masefield (Advisory Teacher, OCC Autism Services); Mr. Richard Hurford (Pennyhooks Farm Manager) and Lt. Col. Paul Morris (RM.)

Professional support

The Trust is supported in its work by its accountant, Mr Will Nixey of Thame, & its solicitor, Tessa Hennessy of Oxford, who attend meetings when requested by the Chair, as do the book-keeper & office administrator.

Articles of Association

Staff team

We employ a team of about 18 full time and part time staff. Their wide experience & skills are in; autism care, teaching, student support, woodwork, farm work, conservation, gardening, rural craft, home skills, book-keeping, administration & fund raising. They all share a dedication to the well being of young people with Autism.

Parents and carers group

Supporting the families and carers of our young people, when needed, is very important to us and we like to have close communication with each other at all times. We also have regular evening parents meetings which we all value.