Otter Family Letters

Recently Family letters have been found from the second world war time, between the family & the oldest son, Frank, serving in N Africa. They describe why the family decided to buy a farm & make it their life. Lydia’s grandfather, Ernest Otter explained in one that he was concerned to make sure that his son had a suitable job & life to return to, referring to the fact that when he had himself come home from the 1st World War, there had not been provision for returning service men.

This is an extract of a letter from Ernest , dated 23rd February 1945, when they were hoping so much to have Frank home soon.

“The months keep slipping by & we shall soon be counting the days to your return. It’s nearing the end & you have kept your head up excellently….”

Now about this farming. As a life there is a great deal to be said for it. Like most jobs, training gives you a better chance. We hope Geoff ( the youngest son) is going to be a fully trained farmer and eventually we shall have a farm as a family concern. I’m not expecting to make a fortune out of it, if it provides a decent livelihood, there are other benefits not to be reckoned in money values. It’s hard work but it’s a natural way of living. It’s a way of living that should give great content if money isn’t your one and only ambition. A farmer is producing for the benefit of mankind, and a successful farmer leaves his land better than he found it. He sees the results of his labour and planning, sees and understands something of the ways of nature. To see a good harvest must bring great satisfaction of mind. It is a hard life but should be a happy life for the farmer’s wife too. Last but not least it’s a healthy way of life.’